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This brief write-up presents the organizational profile for Health Links Initiative. Health Links Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to improve health systems in Tanzania and the region. Our vision is “Better quality assurance practices in public health laboratories and medicine”.

We are a team of medical scientists committed to support the health system strengthening. We have been working on various areas of research, training, disease surveillance, quality assurance and monitoring and evaluation of programs.

Vision & Mission Statement


Better quality assurance practices in public health laboratory and medicine in Africa


To ensure promotion and development of quality assurance practices in public health laboratory and medicine in Africa through training, education, mentorship, advocating quality improvement, monitoring and evaluation, research and advocacy

Strategic Objectives

  • To provide training, develop, support and mentor public health laboratory practices in Africa.
  • To develop leadership in building quality management systems in public health laboratories.
  • To contribute to research activities on priority public health problems including zoonotic and emerging health threats.
  • To provide technical support for laboratories to participate in surveillance and field investigations.
  • To undertake research, development, and consultancy programmes in monitoring and evaluation of public health laboratories and programmes.
  • To play an advocacy role in policy change, formulation, and integration of monitoring and evaluation of public health laboratories.
  • To offer consultancy services in the field of health care, health promotion and pharmaceutical sector namely drug use, pharmaceutical manufacturing, community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, and quality assurance, quality control, good manufacturing practices, management of drug supplies, health economics and public health. Initiate health promotion activities and conduct research and development in the fields of pharmacy relevant to public health, pharmaceutical business and pharmaceutical marketing on our behalf or other interested parties.
  • To develop and advocate quality improvement and strengthening of health facilities towards accreditation.
  • To advocate on public health protection from biological and bio risk agents.
  • To support and partner with existing research networks, and broaden participation of African public health laboratories in these networks.
  • To advocate for the critical role of laboratories in public health and disease control and promote an active role in global health debates on development and implementation policies and recommendations.
  • To advocate for broader laboratory integration across diseases and integrated laboratory systems.
  • In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, define indicators to measure impact and conduct impact assessments.